Perfect hair day is truly a blessing. Seems like my perfect hair day was never going to come as every day my hair would fall out like crazy. Everything seemed meaningless with my hair fall problem. But then Dr. CYJ hair filler act as a perfect embodiment of excellence and perfection wrapped up in a single injection of magical serum.

Last year, after when my vacations were over, I came back to my home town Illinois. Everything was going normal until I realized my hair fall issue and it really did not seemed normal. I tried getting myself checked with a couple of dermatologist and hair care specialist and they felt this hair fall was seasonal and would go away once the season is leveled.

I waited and waited and waited until the fall 2017, was over. But then even after a month, I noticed literally zero changes in my hair routine. Everything was like it used to be. A chunk of hair in the shower, on my pillow, and coiled up into my comb.

It was getting severe, so I had no other way then using filler for my skin. It’s not like I did not try anything else for my skin and directly applied filler. No! From shampoo to after bath hair serum, I tried almost every possible thing my hair specialist recommended me, but nothing seemed to work.

So obviously, the next step was hair filler. The market is overflowing with a variety of brands of fillers so the choice to choose the tight one for me was more than difficult but I did it anyway. There were numerous hair fillers which I could choose, but my hair expert suggest Dr.CYJ hair filler since it was best suited for my hair problems.

I chose Dr.CYJ hair filler and bought it online via an online hair care product It was MesoPro, which helped me make the right choice as every product description and quality is so comprehensively illustrated on their web store that I had to search nowhere. Plus their blogs and review session is a place where people with different hair problems share their stories, which really helped make up my mind to use filler.

All in all it was a good experience with less investment but lasting turnover.