Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Getting Lip Treatment Done

With the increasing standards of beauty, more people are moving towards getting their facial flaws fixed. One of them is getting perfectly structured lips with sufficient volume. However, there are a number of questions you must ask yourself before getting lip surgery or any other surgery done:

Is the treatment painful?

Before getting your lips injected with lip filler, the doctor will apply the numbing cream all over your lips which definitely soothes the pain and you won’t even feel the pinch of needle going inside your skin.

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PDO Threads Got IT All

Face lifting treatment via threads is a whole new concept. It gained popularity from last few years. Thread treatmentsuch as PDO threads increase the collagen synthesis which ultimately makes our skin look younger and more beautiful than ever. Threads come in different designs to deal with different types of skin issues. The four types of threadsand their functions are as follows:

  • They are injected in cross-hatched manner in the skin layers to increase the collagen stimulation.
  • Their name defines their configuration which are they are smooth from outside and have no barbs on the filaments.
  • They are injected in areas like glabella, temples, forehead, lips, lip lines, cheeks, necka and marionette areas.
  • They are also smooth but the thing which makes them different from the first one is, they are coiled and twisted as the name itself says.
  • They are placed in areas like nasolabial folds and marionette areas.
  • 18 gauge needles for thread lifting are one of the most famous type of twisted threads.

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